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Welcome to The Heater Shop

Welcome to the heater shop we sell a full range of commercial and industrial heaters that can keep your business premises warm. We have a wealth of experience and can give you advice on which type of heater will be the most suitable for your particular heating needs. We also sell domestic and industrial dehumidifiers ang a full range of cooling and ventilation fans.

Customer Questions That Can Help Other Customers Choose The Correct Heater

Question customer Allan Simpson asks:

I am looking for a small dehumidifier that I can use both in my business premises and, occasionally, at home.  It has to be relatively portable so that I can easily transport it between the two.  What would you recommend?

Answer:  Hi Allan, we would recommend two dehumidifiers from the Clarke range which are ideal for what you describe, and a bottom-end heavy duty model from Broughton.  The Clarke DH10 and Clarke DH20 models respectively remove 10 lites and 20 litres of moisture per day, come with removable air filters for ease of cleaning, and are both very portable at around 10kg.  If you want something with a bit more muscle, especially in your business premises, then the Broughton CR40 could be what you are looking for.  This weighs in at 23kg, extracts 40 litres of moisture per day, is manufactured in the UK and comes with a 2 year warranty.

Question customer Caroline Molloy asks:

Do you sell any standalone cooling fans, as our current business set-up requires us to have significant cooling in different areas at different times of the week, and our landlord will not permit the installation of wall-mounted systems?

Answer: Hi Caroline, yes we can supply you with standalone fans to cater for your particular scenario.  The Broughton range of fans would fit your needs, and these come in a variety of diameter sizes dependent upon your individual requirements.  These fans come in 110 volt and 240 volt versions, and can be used for ventilation, provision of fresh air and also extraction.  They can also be fitted with ducting.  Additionally, they are also only around 12kg in weight, and so are easily transportable.

Question customer Julia Everett asks:

We are a small online retailer and one end of our warehouse of 3000 square feet we have a packing area with a couple of workers, how can we keep this area warm? Hi Julia it going to be impractical and costly to try and heat the whole warehouse area so you need a heater that can direct heat to the particular area where your workers are. Halogen heaters are going to be the best option as the radiated light from the halogen bulbs can be directed to where the workers are physically located.  Most halogen heaters such as the ones well sell are mounted on wheeled housings so can be easily moved to where they are required,  take a look at the Clarke 370SP halogen heater and also the 371SP model,  the latter operates of a 110 volt electrical supply.

Question Customer Stephen Dawes asks:

We have a furniture business where we refurbish armchairs; there are 3 separate areas of approximately 20 square metres that are the working areas. We need a low cost heating solution for these areas? Answer : Hi Stephen if the capitol cost of the heater is the main concern we would suggest you purchase 3 small sizes fan heaters with thermostat control to heater each individual area. This will give you individual control for each area to be heated, with different temperatures that can be set to suit the employees working in that particular area. The heater we would recommend would be the Clarke 6003 fan heater, it is relatively inexpensive and is robustly built.  

Question Customer Susan Gibson asks:

We grow flowers in a commercial greenhouse of 90 square metres size. We need to maintain a temperature in the greenhouse of 15 °c all year round. What would you suggest to heat the greenhouse? Answer : Hi Susan a greenhouse is not the easiest thing to heat as the heat retention of the structure is very poor, so you need a heater that can give a large heat output that can be varied as the temperature outside changes. I would look at a propane space heater for this purpose; these give a great deal of heat output that can be varied to suit the outside temperatures. Take a look at the Clarke 850 propane space heater. This can give up to 31kw of heat output, this heat output can be adjusted down depending on the climatic conditions outside the greenhouse.



Different Types of Heaters Available for Businesses

Fan Heaters

We have a full range of industrial fan heaters starting from just 3kw right up to 80kw heat output. We stock manufacturers such as the Blue Giant and Red Giant series of fan heaters from Broughton, one of the UK’s leading manufacturers of industrial fan heaters. These ranges of fan heaters are sturdily built for tough industrial environments and years of trouble free service. The Blue Giant heaters give the option, on most models, to connect ducting to the heater output to increase the flexibility of where the heat is delivered. We also stock the Clarke range of fan heaters. These heaters, although compact in size, give heat outputs ranging from 3kw right up to 15kw, offering flexible heating to any business premises. Our fan heaters are available in single and three phase power supply options.


Halogen Heaters
Halogen heaters produce heat via infra red light waves.  These types of heaters are not affected by environmental factors such as wind and rain and, hence, are the ideal solution to spot-heat people or objects in this type of environment. Our ranges of halogen heaters are available in 110 volts, which are suitable for building sites, and 240 volts. Another big plus with halogen heaters is that virtually all the heat produced by the infra red lamps is converted to heat energy, so very little energy is lost.  All of our models of halogen heaters are of robust construction and built to last.

Ceramic Heaters
Another type of heater you might want to consider is our range of ceramic heaters.  These are small and portable, and ideal for offices on construction sites etc, as they are available in 110 volt versions. Ceramic heaters heat up very quickly so are ideal where you require instant heat.

Paraffin And Diesel Space Heaters
We also stock a full range of paraffin and diesel powered space heaters. These types of heaters give a very powerful heat output for their size. Space heaters are ideal for workshop or industrial storage areas, as they can heat large spaces quickly. The only drawback with these types of space heaters is the fact that fumes are given off from the burning of the paraffin or diesel fuel, hence adequate ventilation is required when using this style of space heater.

Gas Propane Space Heaters
Gas propane space heaters are similar to the diesel and paraffin space heaters in that they are suitable for heating large areas quickly, such as industrial premises and warehouses. Large heating outputs are obtained from fairly modestly sized space heaters. The major advantage of this type of space heating is the fact that the heat given off is “clean heat”, with no fumes produced, and hence they do not require the same ventilation as paraffin and diesel space heaters. We offer an impressive range of space heaters, with heat outputs ranging from 34,000Btu up to a massive 344,000Btu, hence you can see the attraction of using propane gas fired space heaters in large premises.

Halogen heaters are not affected by draughts or wind as they produce heat from light waves.  As a result these types of heater are ideally suited to premises which have open doors or shutters, such as garages, workshops, loading bays, delivery and dispatch areas.  They also come in a variety of sizes, to suit most business premises.

We sell the full range of industrial and commercial heaters manufactured by Broughton.  All of their heaters are manufactured to very high standards in the UK, and all come with a 2 year guarantee for your extra peace of mind.  Delivery is also usually just 2 to 3 working days from placing your order.

With the weather finally getting colder over the weekend of the 21st/22nd November, maybe now is the time to invest in some workshop heaters.  We sell a wide range of heaters to suit all sizes of workshops, from fan heaters to propane heaters.  The Clarke range of propane space heater starts with the 35,000Btu Little Devil which is suitable for small workshops, up to the 344,000Btu Devil 3150 which is suitable for very large units.  Please be aware that propane heaters can only be used in areas with the correct ventilation.  The Broughton range of commercial fan heaters start with the 3kw FF3, up to the massive 80kw FF80.  If you require advice please give us a call.

Stop Press - 7th December 2015

The Broughton range of fan heaters are currently selling like the proverbial hot cakes.  Manufactured in the UK these extremely sturdy heaters come in a range of sizes, from the diminutive yet highly effective FF3, up to the humungous FF80.  The most popular models appear to be in the middle of the range.  The FF13 is suitable for medium sized industrial units, and can include single or twin ducted outlets.  It has a rugged outer casing and is extremely quiet.  If you want to ratchet up the power then the FF23 may be what you are looking for.  This a 3-phase, 415v heater contained in a powder coated steel casing.  If you need advice on type, size, location then just give us a call - 0161-485-5588.


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