Our blog is not to be taken too seriously, with an often humorous look at heating issues and products that can be used in different circumstances.

Blog:  9th October 2017

Just some news on the new ranges of propane and industrial fan heaters that are available as winter approaches. Just a recap propane heaters are ideal for heating open spaces such as industrial units, they give of very little toxic fumes when running so can be used in areas where only minimum ventilation is required. Our most popular model are the Clarke 900 propane heater and the 1600 models. Both are ideal suited to heating industrial premises where packing tasks may be being undertaken as an example to keep you workforce warm.

Blog:  4th November 2016

Let me guess, your workers are starting to complain about the heating in your industrial or commercial premises?  It happens every year about this time - halloween, bonfire night and colder working environments.  Well, act now and beat the rush.  Order your new or replacement heater with us and we will usually deliver the next working day, whether it be fan, propane gas, ceramic, halogen, diesel, infra-red..etc.  Call us on 0161-485-5588 if you need advice on the best type and size for your business.  If you have well ventilated premises then we currently have a superb offer on the Clarke 850 Propane Heater at just £163.00.  This model also comes with dual voltage (110v and 230v) so is ideal for building sites, renovation projects and the like.  The vast majority of our heaters come from two respected sources, Broughton and Clarke.  Give us a call, now !!

Blog:  26th January 2016

We have had an extremely good response to our January Clarke Heater Sale, which is now in its 3rd week.  Many customers have been taking advantage of our reduced prices, coupled with next working day delivery if ordered prior to 2:30pm.  The Clarke Devil 370SP (swivel) halogen heater has been a particular favourite at just £129.00.  Another popular model has been the Clarke Devil 850 propane space heater, which is a steal at £145.00.  We also currently have a ceramic heater, suitable for offices and portakabins, which is one of the range of Clarke Devil Heaters from just £101.00.  If you are looking for a commercial fan heater, then look no further than the Clarke Devil 6015 which comes in at a sale price of £173.00.  We can supply many other types, such as diesel space heaters, and can advise you on the best type and size to suit your commercial premises.  Just give us a call if you need any assistance, but don't wait too long as the sale prices will only be available while current stocks last.

Alternatively, if you are looking for a bespoke, UK manufactured fan heater, then we sell the full range from Broughton Heaters, starting with the small FF3 heater, up to and including the giant FF42 heater.  Browse our website and see for yourself.

Blog:  8th January 2016

Now is the time to buy a new heater for your industrial or commercial business premises.  Following an extremely mild December, which apparently broke records, we are now due a spell of cold winter weather.  So long as we don't get snowed in, many people will relish a change from the incessant rain that we have had for 2 months now.  However, cold weather means cold workshops / warehouses / distribution centres / garages / goods out departments.  The Heater Shop sell a wide range of commercial and industrial heaters to suit most types and sizes of premises, from electric fan heaters, to halogen/infra red heaters, to propane gas heaters, and to diesel heaters.  Some models are only suitable where there is adequate ventilation, and some don't need any.  If you require any advice all you have to do is pick up the phone and give us a call.  We have many heaters in stock, and can usually deliver within 2 working days, unless your business is in the highlands and islands !!  We also have some heaters at reduced prices.  So, don't wait until your workers complain about the temperature, buy a new heater or replace your old one today.

Blog 1st December 2015:  Industrial & Commercial Heaters

The 1st December is the first day of winter, meteorologically speaking.  Are your staff complaining about how the old heater is 'naff' and past its sell-by date?  Are they complaining about not having a heater at all?  Well, if you have a look at our website you will find a myriad of heaters to suit the majority of business environments - whether it be fan heaters, halogen heaters, propane gas heaters or diesel/paraffin heaters.  They come in a variety of sizes, ranging from the relatively small FF3 fan heater, up to the monster FF80 fan heater.  If you want advice on which heater is best suited to your premises, then give us a call on 0161-485-5588.  Delivery is nearly always 2 to 3 working days until you live in the wilds of northern Scotland, with next day delivery on many items that we have in stock.

So, don't wait for the aggro and frostbite to kick in - get your self a new heater NOW !! 

Blog 27th April 2015:  Does your business need a dehumidifier?The 1st December is the first day of winter, meteorologically speaking. 

If your business is in need of a dehumidifier then look no further than the range of commercial and industrial dehumidifiers that we sell at the Heater Shop.  The Broughton heavy duty dehumidifiers range from 40 litres to 170 litres, with all models coming in both 110v and 240v versions.  For most businesses the Broughton CR40 and Broughton CR70 models should fit the bill.  Both of these models are manufactured in the UK, are fitted in a tough steel casing and come with a 2 year guarantee.  Condensate drain pumps can also be fitted if you need to pump water upwards to a suitable drain point.  There is also the CR170 model for businesses with a major dehumidification requirement.  If your requirements are for a more compact, smaller sized unit then the Clarke DH20 should be perfectly adequate.  This unit is ideal for private property and small business environments, and comes with 4 running modes and a 1 year guarantee.

If you wish to obtain some further advice about dehumidifiers, and which make/model would best suit your particular needs, then please call us on 0845-026-7796.

Blog 27 March 2015: Do you need a ventilation or extraction fan

Have you a use for an industrial extraction fan? – Might sound a strange question but extraction fans are literally a life saver in some industries.  You may need to remove toxic fumes from an area where some planned maintenance is being undertaken, as an example. The most popular manufacturer is Broughton with models such as the VF300 extraction fan.  These are not the cheapest on the market, however, they come with a 2 year guarantee and are available in 230 volt and 110 volt versions.  Another popular model range is the Clarke ventilation fans which come in a range of sizes and again can provide either fume extraction or ventilation.  Take a look at the Clarke CAM250 ventilation fan which is a very popular model.

Blog 14 January 2015: Make sure you choose the correct heater

As you can probably see from looking outside your window winter has truly arrived. We find it’s often surprising that many of our customers seem surprised that it’s suddenly become cold and then are urgently in need of a heating source, for their office or industrial unit. Now if you have looked on the internet to buy an industrial heater as example you will find lots of companies’ selling these products. This is of course is good, but often customers will buy online without doing any research.  We would recommend to potential customers that they contact any potential suppliers, be it ourselves or another company and seek advice on the best heater product for their particular scenario. Any company worth its salt should give you unbiased advice and point you in the direction of the correct product.
Let’s give you a couple of scenarios you may be in the building trade and have a Portakabin office on site that requires heating,  the heater you choose is going to have to run of 110 volts and be fairly compact in size for such a small space so a heater like the Clarke Devil 330 ceramic heater is suitable. What about an industrial unit with two offices next to each other that require heating, in this case the Broughton FF13 heater springs to mind, this heater can have duct work fitted to allow heating in both offices. The point being here is there are many types of heaters and its worth phoning around at least a couple of suppliers to see what they recommend. You will soon find out the companies that waffle and the ones that know what they are talking about. This way when you do make your purchase you’re far more likely to choose the correct heater from the outset.

Blog 2 December 2014: Some business heating suggestions

Heating your business premises is one of those things that always gets forgotten in those warm summer months, but here we are now in December with frosts in the morning and cold working conditions so it’s at the forefront of your mind.  Rather than impulse buying an unsuitable heating type like most things in life its better if you sit down and give it some thought. May we offer a couple of suggestions for different types of heating problems?

Let’s take a small business premises with a workshop area where machinery repairs are undertaken say 50 square metres. Now you’re probably going to want to just provide background heating, so we would suggest a fan heater with thermostatic control around the 5kw output size. Second scenario a very large stock warehouse with a small area where there is a working area for workers to complete their paperwork, obviously trying to heat the whole warehouse is not practical so heating the immediate area where the workers are located would be the best solution. Try something like a halogen heater which is going to be suitable for this purpose.

Blog 15 January 2014: The times they have changed

Hello all if you think back as few hundred years all the things we take for granted at the moment such as  heating for your work place flushing toilets were not around,  all these things have certainly made our lives more comfortable. You see I’m of that age where I remember the outside toilet at my Gran’s, just imagine the youth of today having to endure such hardships whilst sitting on the loo with iphone in hand. Think of heating in the workplace a few hundred years ago if you wanted to stay warm you wore more clothes simple as that. Luckily for you workers heating is now common place in offices and industrial premises with a myriad of devices such as fan heaters, propane gas heaters to name a few, depending on the type of work environment you are in.  Of course if you are a cost conscious employer you can remove the heaters and chairs from the office and have the employees jogging on the spot, whist operating their computer. This has two benefits keeps your employees warm and reduces heating costs.

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