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We have a wide range of fan heaters available that are suitable for heating for instance workshops or commercial premises. The range of heaters starts from 3kw all the way up to 42kw heating power. We are happy to give advice as to the best heater for the size of your commercial premises.

Fan heaters come in many types and styles and are one of the most popular ways of heating industrial and commercial premises. The main reason for this is the cost of buying the heater is relatively modest, with reasonable heat outputs from the heaters. However there is a downside these heaters use electricity heating an electrical element to produce heat.  The problem with this is you get a one to one ratio of heat output. What we mean by this is 1kw of electrical energy consumed give’s you 1kw of heating energy so they become expensive to run. Generally we would recommend you only heat small to medium sizes are with a fan heater and for larges areas look at a different type of heater such as the propane space heater to heat these larger working areas. An example of a good quality industrial fan heater to warm a medium sized working area would be the Broughton FF13 model, this has a thermostat fitted to adjust the heat output and can also be fitted with flexible ducting, to distribute the heat around the working area.

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Clarke 6003 Fan Heater
Stock low we have good stock of the EH1366 3kw heater however The Clarke 6003 fan heater is suita..
Ex Tax: £52.50
Clarke 7003 Fan Heater 3Kw
The Clarke 7003 fan heater is rated at 3Kw and is suitable for heating workshops and garages up to 2..
Ex Tax: £63.33
Clarke Fan Heater 6005
This is the smallest 3 phase 415 volts heater that we sell the Clarke 6005 model. If you have a smal..
Ex Tax: £67.50
Clarke 6009 Industrial Fan Heater
The Clarke 6009 industrial fan heater has an output of 9kw making it ideal if you have medium sized ..
Ex Tax: £108.33
Clarke Devil 7009 Fan Heater 9Kw
The Clarke Devil 7009 fan heater with 9Kw output heating power. This robust heater is ideally suited..
Ex Tax: £115.00
Clarke Devil 7015 Fan Heater 15Kw Output
The Clarke Devil 7015 fan heater rated at 15kw heating output. If you are looking for a reliable ele..
Ex Tax: £204.17
Clarke Fan Heater 6015
The Clarke 6015 fan heater offers 15kw of heat output with thermostatic control, we think this is on..
Ex Tax: £175.00
Broughton FF3 Heater
The Broughton FF3 industrial fan heater is the smallest in their range of heaters built into a sturd..
Ex Tax: £156.67
FF13 Fan Heater
These heaters are manufactured in the Midlands by one of the best names in industrial heating Brough..
Ex Tax: £370.83
Broughton IFH9 Fan Heater 9kw
The Broughton 3 phase electric fan heater model IFH9 is rated at 9kw. This heater is ideal for small..
Ex Tax: £151.67
Broughton IFH15 Fan Heater 15kw
The Broughton 3 phase electric fan heater model IFH15 is rated at 15kw. This heater is ideal for med..
Ex Tax: £233.33
Broughton IFH22 Fan Heater 22kw
The Broughton 3 phase electric industrial fan heater model IFH22 is rated at 22kw heating output. Th..
Ex Tax: £344.17
Broughton FFHT32 - 18Kw Industrial Heater
The Broughton FFHT32 is a 18kw fan heater capable of ducting long distances and delivering high volu..
Ex Tax: £704.17
Broughton FFVH32 - 18Kw Industrial Fan Heater
The Broughton industrial upright heater model FFVH32.  This heater offers high volume airflow a..
Ex Tax: £1,580.83
Blue Giant FF42 Heater
Designed for heating large industrial areas, the Blue Giant FF42 model delivers 42kw of heating powe..
Ex Tax: £2,691.67
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