Halogen Heaters

There are various types of halogen infra red heaters but the principles of this type of heating are the same. Infra red radiation is a spectrum of light at a longer wavelength than daylight. Heat is produced almost instantly with these types of heaters and, depending on the wavelength of the IR heater, the distance of the heat can be varied. These light waves pass through air but will heat solid objects that they encounter. The warmth produced is similar to the light radiation given off by the sun on a warm summer’s day. One of the great benefits of halogen heaters is they can be used for instance in draughty warehouses with the light waves only heating objects they encounter, such as providing warmth for workers.

Let’s give a specific example where a quartz halogen heater would be an ideal heating solution. You have a large industrial unit that it used as a stock warehouse. In this large area there may be a small working area with a desk where your workers process incoming orders and print the orders off. Obviously heating the whole industrial unit would cost a fortune, when all you want to really do is heat the small area where your workers are located. In this scenario a quartz halogen heater such as the Clarke 370SP would be an ideal solution. With this heater you can locate it near to the desk where the workers sit and direct it towards them. The light waves that halogen heaters produce will warm up your employees in the immediate area, with heat not being lost into the general warehouse area itself.

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RG308 Halogen Heater
Broughton the UK heater manufacturer make the RG308 halogen heaters, the heater comes in 2 versions ..
Ex Tax: £197.50
3Kw Halogen Heater
The upright halogen heater from Prem-I-Air model EH0028 is rated at 3kw output. The heater has two 1..
Ex Tax: £126.67
Clarke 370P Quartz Halogen Heater
The Clarke 370P quartz halogen heater is a wheel mounted heater that can be easily moved between loc..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Clarke 371P Quartz Halogen Heater
The Clarke 371P Heater runs of 110 volt input power so can be used on building sites and other sourc..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Clarke 370SP Halogen Heater
These industrial style halogen heaters from Clarke great value for money, and are extremely portable..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Clarke 371SP Halogen Heater 110 Volts
The Clarke 371SP halogen heater operates of a 110 volts power supply hence making it suitable to be ..
Ex Tax: £125.00
Halogen Lamps Clarke 370P - 370SP Heaters
These halogen lamps are rated at 1.5Kw / 240 volts output and are designed as replacement lamps for ..
Ex Tax: £25.83
Halogen Lamps Clarke 371P - 371SP Heaters
These halogen lamps are rated at 1.5Kw / 110 volts output and are designed as replacement lamps for ..
Ex Tax: £25.83
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